3 days is now 2 centuries in AI development:

Two days that I took a break from AI development and we have image recognition and development  in Open AIs ChatGPT, Bing Chat and Google Bard.

Users have found different uses for the services but Here are some Interesting ones :

@Sean Spriggens used ChatGPT image recognition to interpret pentagon slides…..

The The Forex traders, we have ChatGPT interpreting the data for you…..
You have to check with facts on the ground….

@alvaro Cintas used the New Bing Chat service to generate the logo image from a sketch.
Other users used the CHATGPT image recognition feature to generate interfaces.
by generating sketches and later having the same develop the code and having it run as a website…..

@David use the image recognition on ChatGPT to sort out translation issues from a news paper.
Uses of the image recognition and image generation on other services is a feat and AI gets better and getter until you meet the robotic printer that you talk to and it prints out your prompts….
As we always say in Kenya….ASI AI….


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