In this ever-evolving world, where a week in AI can feel like a year in reality, time holds a unique value. AI tools persistently learn, improving with each passing second. A lot has happened in the last few weeks- (It has been a season of pitching and that has taken me a bit offline) – call me up if you need your comms work done- the festive season is just around the corner)

Catching up with AI news:
1) MJ celebrating one year since its release.
Celebrating the one-year mark since the widespread adoption of MJ, the AI community stands in awe. Images continue to elevate in quality, while hallucinations are increasingly under control. It’s been interesting to learn that MJ started off in Feb 2022, way before chat GPT)
( see images in the comments)
2) Google Bard has achieved seamless integration into Chrome, Workspace, and various other online utilities. (happened this morning)
3) Adobe now allows the seamless integration of 3D models into Adobe After Effects, Still in Beta- 3D workspace enabling the import, lighting, shading, and rendering of 3D models alongside 2D counterparts. The idea of creating 3D models from text and animating entire shows using text remains tantalizingly out of reach…
4) Adobe Firefly is out for use in the general public….. the credits however are another issue altogether.

5) Stable Diffusion: is now available… generate music for your videos for free- (at the moment) – The African documentary sound is quite something

Yet, the long-term effects of AI tools on human civilization—our workplaces, & daily lives—remain a big question. Although data remains elusive, discussions on universal incomes, heavily sponsored by key AI players, underscore the potential for AI to displace millions of jobs and I can honestly say, many players are worried.
Here in Africa, specifically in my home country Kenya, we grapple with fundamental survival issues- bread and butter concerns, leaving little room to prepare or even plug in, for an era that promises to reshape how we work, think, sleep, and navigate our world.
One emerging certainty is the imminent transformation of the creative industry. While copywriting and scripting remain firmly in the human domain, music and visual arts undergo profound shifts. Consider The Dor Brothers‘ video, where their workflow—though undisclosed—likely involved Midjourney, Pika, and possibly an audio AI. It’s no longer a question of if, but when, as many firms adapt. The shift toward media tools wholly developed by AI is inevitable, especially as audiences become increasingly homogeneous in their digital tool usage—where even SMS is now a digital tool.

The tool of the week: Adcreative AI is a tool used in generating multiple posters simultaneously with ease is not just a possibility but a necessity: please try Ad creative is quite something yet unused over Months-Centuries in A

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