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Sometimes you might want to put your site behind closed doors If you’ve got a publication that you don’t want the world to see yet because it’s not ready to launch, you can hide your Ghost site behind a simple shared pass-phrase.

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From Papyrus to Print

A Journey Through Communication Evolution. col. -8, ll. 2-14: 2 …]ι̣μ̣εν τοὺϲ̣ [πα]ρ̣[ὰ Ξ]ε̣- νοφάντωι το̣ιούτου[ϲ, ὃ καὶ ὑπ’ ἄ̣λλων δοκεῖ 5 γείνεϲθαι, παραπλη- ϲίωϲ δ̣’ ο̣ὐδὲ παρ̣’ ἑτέρωι ἴδι̣ον…