Well, its for the first time, that things are moving too fast for any meaningful research to be done on AI.

Afew weeks ago,as we were designing messages that needed to go on, digital, I raised the concern that there were seismic changes in how people do search and many people had shifted from google to chat GPT, because 

You remember these survey?

where we were checking on the changes in search and use of Chat GPT. Its been quite revealing.

ChatGPT 4/Bard processes are said to be the printing press moment of the century.

Its a watch and wait moment. 

Has search changed? Has digital marketing been overtaken by the new developments?

What can you do as a content creator? or a digital marketer? do we still have new marketing tools that are easier to use and at the same time, give significant  results on investments?

View the results on the link below: 

Our tool of the week:

Some of the tools that are as a result of AI, have been mind boggling. See some below.

pictory AI

Text to video, blog to video tools. 

We have a long way to having the perfect tool.

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