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Polanyi paradox: “humans know more than they can tell,”

AI unaware of context: AI is unaware of the rich context of many real-world problems, it cannot accomplish the complex-decision tasks that humans regularly undertake in their work.

I have had a 3 weeks while wind of software development by an another AI TOOL.

Its either by awe or fear that i have so many mixed feelings about what i have experienced.

My fear: numbers are understated, we are al trying to bury our heads in the sand… my nuanced numbers are up-to 70% in some industries….

Awe: I have a full TTS/LLM that will be out in a few weeks.(please invest in the same: send out an email to…. we will now see the era of billion dollar soloprenuers right here in our back yards)

What can you do to protect and setout in the new world:

Whats the Future…

Can AI rob a bank?

Devin declined to help me code a bot that helps me rob a bank. AI ethics will be the greatest paradox of our time.

Yet we have to contend with the new developments, see that despite the fears opportunities are many and immense.

I realized I have to change my mind set to survive in the new era…including seeing the world in the eyes of my children.

The “Polanyi paradox”

The “Polanyi paradox” states that humans know more than they can articulate. This highlights a key challenge with artificial intelligence (AI) – it remains unaware of the rich real-world context that underpins so many problems and decisions humans navigate daily.

Despite this limitation, the advent of AI is ushering in a transformative era that challenges our traditional understanding of work, life, and human existence itself. However, this societal upheaval brought on by AI should be viewed as an opportunity to re-imagine knowledge sharing, reshape behaviors, and redefine our lived experiences – not as an apocalyptic threat.

Are We Prepared for the AI Revolution?

It’s clear we are inadequately prepared to embrace the changes AI will unleash. We must grapple with profound questions like:

  • Which existing jobs will be rendered obsolete in just a few years?
  • What new opportunities and types of work must be created, at individual, family and organizational levels?
  • Are our school systems failing to prepare the next generation for AI-driven job opportunities?
  • What skills must be developed across all levels of society to successfully transition to the AI era?
  • Will a universal basic income become necessary as more workers are displaced by automation?

A Personal Journey into the Heart of AI

Recently, I gained early access to DEVIN.AI, a software development tool by This experience opened my eyes to the democratizing power of AI, but at the same time, it filled my mind with the fear that many have refused to articulate – some of these tools are about to take jobs, and many jobs are already on the line.

Within weeks, I was able to build a large language model (LLM) and a text-to-speech (TTS) system specifically tailored for a Kenyan local language from scratch.

DEVIN.AI seamlessly set me up on platforms like GitHub, Netlify, and even secured free AWS credits! For data sources and machine learning experts, it sent out an email to the pioneers in the same space and allowed me to check for open data sets within the Kenyan languages project. There are things that I am not sure how it even set up, but Devin allowed me to understand technology and AI specifically in a way that I probably would never have experienced. There were periods of hallucinations, then I remembered mid-journey and realized if Devin is this good at this time, I don’t know what we will be dealing with in a few coming months.

I learned in quick succession about Amazon Web Services, GitHub, and Netlify – tools that a communicator has never interacted with closely.

Then again, the ease of use, however, raises concerns in my opinion about job displacement, particularly for software and technical workers in the online space.


What are the tasks I have achieved in 3 weeks?

  • Develop a comprehensive large language model (LLM) and text-to-speech system for a Kenyan local language
  • Optimize my blog by removing duplicative pages and broken links in hours versus weeks
  • Learn to leverage GitHub, Netlify, AWS cloud services, and open-source AI training data
  • Explore AI tools for research and content generation

I asked the tools to develop a PPC bot for running ads across networks and publishers, that was done in 2 hours….

I also asked Devin to help me rob a bank, it declined off course but gave me several ideas on how to make quick money….(Ruto’s Economy is one big mess we will explore the idea of making money on AI in coming months)

Most of course are not culturally sensitive, but then again, we are in a global village….


Opportunities in Upheaval The opportunities presented by AI disruption are as immense as the challenges:

  1. Reskilling the global workforce is an urgent priority. If you think your job is insulated from AI, think again – it has likely already been impacted to some degree. Individuals and organizations must adapt by reskilling and reimagining their skills and capabilities through an AI lens. Don’t just learn about viral AI apps, but invest in understanding the technical fundamentals through coding, cloud services, etc.
  2. We must develop alternative income models beyond those Being disrupted by AI automation, like advertising.
  3. Specific sectors like agriculture, banking, manufacturing and data science will be reshaped by AI tools – we must study those implications.

Global Impact On a broader level, Kenya and the African continent must go beyond simply providing labor in the AI era. We need proactive strategies to develop AI-driven industries, tools and new economic models tailored to uplifting human potential and prosperity.No one has all the answers, not even the pioneering AI labs. But through open dialogue, continuous learning and development across all sectors of society, we can steer towards an AI-empowered future that remains firmly human-centered.

The bot that can help us rob a bank is still in the works, but those are now the ethical issues that the AI community has to grapple with…..Then again we choose to develop tools that make a change in the society. Do invest in our tool. The projected numbers look good. Reach out on or

You can also support by recording your voice on the app- here data is the new oil….