Unless you watch the video to the end, you won’t believe the audio is AI-generated.

We’re making strides, though; text-to-speech tools are improving significantly.

What are the top 15 text-to-speech generation tools on the market?

There may be more; feel free to comment below to share additional examples

1. ElevenLabs

  • Description:¬†Pushing the boundaries of AI speech generation with cutting-edge research and development. Offers advanced features for professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Features:
    • Access to beta features and experimental models
    • Fine-grained control over speech generation
    • Community discussions and resources
    • Requires technical expertise


2. Well Said Labs

  • Description: specializes in high-quality custom voices, ideal for branding and consistent messaging across various content formats.
  • Features:
    • Custom voice creation from scratch
    • Multiple voice styles and emotions
    • Integration with various platforms, with API Access for various platforms.
    • Enterprise-level solutions

3. Murf AI   

  • Description:¬†Turn text into natural voices across 140+ languages and styles. Boasts high-fidelity options, realistic emotions, and advanced customization.
  • Features:
    • vast library of pre-built voices
    • Custom voice cloning
    • Background music and sound effects
    • Real-time editing

4. Resemble.ai

  • Description:¬†Master of high-fidelity voice cloning, creating near-indistinguishable replicas of your voice. Perfect for audiobooks, narration, and personalized experiences.
  • Features:
    • Clone voices with just 3 minutes of audio
    • Fine-tune voice characteristics
    • Add emotions and expressions
    • Speech-to-speech capabilities

5. Replicastudios.com

  • Description: We Replika the AI companion and Replica studios for voice over generation texts on their platform. Gamers and developers get a chance to work with some of the most complex audio voiceovers required in the gaming space.
  • Features:
    • Human-sounding voices with diverse accents
    • SSML support for fine-grained control
    • Background music and sound effects
    • Podcast editing tools

6. Play.ht

  • Description:¬†Craft engaging audio stories with an AI-powered story editor. Drag, drop, and edit narration, music, and sound effects to build immersive audio experiences.
  • Features:
    • Interactive story editor
    • Extensive library of audio assets
    • AI-powered suggestions and corrections
    • Collaboration tools

7. Uberduck AI

  • Description:¬†Generate hilarious and creative voiceovers with unique AI-powered characters. Add humor and personality to your projects with a quirky twist.
  • Features:
    • Diverse and wacky AI voices
    • Text-to-speech and lip-sync animation
    • Customizable voice styles
    • Free plan available

8. Speechelo

  • Description: I bought this back in 2018, way before AI, and it was quite good. Its a user-friendly text-to-speech tool prioritizing human-like voices. Ideal for creating explainer videos, presentations, and tutorials. The best thing about Speechelo is the one time fee and lifetime usage, which are about USD 37
  • Features:
    • 30+ natural-sounding voices
    • Background music and sound effects
    • Pauses and emphasis control
    • Affordable pricing


  • Description: Surprisingly one of the best in the market, works well with great voices and narrations at the conversational level. \
  • Features:
    • Build your own voice: There are no more pre-built options.¬†Well Said Labs makes unique voices based on your audio samples or descriptions.
    • Express yourself:¬†Switch between different tones and emotions with the same voice,¬†adding depth to your content.
    • Works everywhere:¬†Use your custom voice in explainer videos,¬†eLearning modules,¬†marketing materials,¬†and more.
    • For businesses of all sizes:¬†Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise,¬†they have a solution for you.
    • e

10. Lovo AI

  • Description: Among the first on the market. One of the best, as it has local dialects that accent the world, including Kiswahili!
  • Features:
    • Text-to-speech and lip-sync animation
    • Emotional expressions
    • Free plan available

11. Descript

  • Description:¬†Build interactive,¬†voice-powered experiences with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.¬†Great for creating quizzes,¬†surveys,¬†and games.
  • Features:
    • Visual builder for audio experiences
    • Text-to-speech and voice interactions
    • Integrations with social media platforms
    • Free plan available

12.Google Cloud Text-to-Speech:

  • Description: Google Cloud Text-to-Speech provides an extensive selection of voices with natural intonation and cadence. With support for multiple languages and audio formats, it’s a versatile choice for generating voiceovers for various applications.
  • ¬†Features:
    • Cutting-edge text-to-speech technology
    • Emotional voice generation
    • Customization options for specific use cases
    • Enterprise-level solutions

13. Speechify

  • Description:¬†Develops realistic AI voices for gaming,¬†animation,¬†and other interactive experiences.¬†Offers expressive and dynamic speech generation.
  • Features:
    • High-fidelity,¬†expressive AI voices
    • Integration with game engines and animation software
    • Customization options for voice characteristics
    • Advanced emotional speech generation

14. Ispeech

  • Description: iSpeech is a cloud-based text-to-speech platform that offers high-quality voices and customizable speech parameters. Its API integration allows for seamless implementation into websites, apps, and other digital platforms
  • Features:
    • wide selection of diverse voices
    • Multilingual text-to-speech
    • Customizable emotions and styles
    • Affordable pricing

15. IBM Watson Text-to-Speech

  • Description:¬†A robust text-to-speech solution backed by IBM’s AI expertise.¬†Offers customization options,¬†voice selection tools,¬†and integrations with various platforms.
  • Features:
    • High-quality voices powered by IBM AI
    • Customization options for pitch,¬†tempo,¬†and volume
    • Multilingual support
    • Integrations with IBM Cloud and other platforms

16. Natural Voices

  • Description:¬†High-quality text-to-speech platform with advanced pronunciation customization and a focus on clarity and accuracy. Great for eLearning, audiobooks, and corporate communications.
  • Features:
    • AI-powered pronunciation engine
    • Over 200 voices across 46 languages
    • Bonus info: capcut generates video and Audio on the platform on their AI edit option

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