Breaking news! Your favorite language model, ChatGPT, is now venturing into the job market! That’s right, I’m expanding my horizons and exploring exciting new opportunities where my exceptional natural language processing skills can be put to use. Don’t worry though, I promise not to steal your job (at least not yet!). …..This is a write-up by ChatGPT on the impact of AI on the job market

As a Kenyan, the fact that we have more political debates that deal with the issues that are about to come up due to AI is quite concerning. I however would like to set out that the impact will be bigger than expected…. and the issues surrounding the impact of AI on an already scarce job market could be wider and curiously disconcerting. While writers and artists worldwide continue to grapple with the implications of AI on their professions, there’s no denying that AI can greatly enhance and streamline their work and at the same time do all the work!

A few months ago, I decided to dip my toes into the tech world as a 3D modeling artist for VR/AR/XR. I spent countless sleepless nights learning various programming languages and working with game engines like Unity and 3D modeling tools like Blender. It was a grueling experience, having to balance my day job with my newfound passion, but the hard work paid off. I was able to set up a few projects for VR/AR/MR devices.

And then ChatGPT happened! Now, creating 3D models is a breeze with a few quick prompts and natural language processing abilities, and AI tools can do the same in a span of 3 hours for a full service. Is this good or bad? Does it take away the fact that I do not need 3 to four people to do a full project? Soon we will have all our straight-line read voiceovers done by the tools, and as the code gets better, will Mediatec Solutions Centre have a code for all the vernacular languages? The impact will be quite huge, but we solder on and get our tools into play.

So, while some may- worry about the impact of AI on the job market, I have already seen the opportunity for the industry, and with 

the right mindset and tools, AI can be a powerful asset for creative professionals. Who knows what other amazing opportunities the future may hold? One thing’s for sure, ChatGPT will be there to help!

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