(Ai art by Midjourney artist)

Those who have been asking what is generative art/ai art? Why is it a key issue in communication and media?

Whats its value to us in the industry?

What will change?
What is the big deal about it?
Content (key component of communication) is merging with technology. A couple of months ago, content generation was an art, fast forward past the chat gpt age, technology is slowly influencing the content being developed.
Generative art is slowly becoming a main stream feature for many communicators (marketers, PR, and content developers)
What then is generative art?
Generative art is a type of art where computer programs or algorithms are used to create unique and ever-changing artworks. The artist sets the rules or parameters, and the computer program generates the artwork based on those rules.(prompts)
There are many software’s including but not limited to MJ, Photmajic, Runway, Adobe firefly and the one and only night cafĂ©..

What are the uses of the art?
The billboard below from Greece, use AI art to generate its images and had the same cleaned out on photoshop.

There are other artists who are selling their prompts, since expressing simple words to get a good image is an mental exercise that doesn’t come easy for many people and in itself a real art

Product descriptions that used specialized software’s like Houdini to generate have now moved to MJ

Some uses of MJ….crazy right?

AI will transform work, not take it away…
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Tool of the week: murf by susanngatia.africa: The experience of production and specifically audio production can be fret with regrets and pain points of not very well done work. The AI tools that are in the market, barely have any emotions of inflections but the murf by susanngatia.africa is one of the best …..

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