Not Yet Uhuru: Kenya’s Never-Ending Soap Opera


Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, a nation called Kenya was born. The people rejoiced as they broke free from colonial chains and declared, “It’s Uhuru time!” Little did they know that their journey to true independence was like an epic soap opera, full of drama, twists, and self-serving politicians.

Act 1: The Feud of the Titans

In this enthralling episode, the Odingas and the Kenyattas took center stage, engaging in a bitter feud that could rival any Hollywood family drama. From Kapenguria Convicts turned foes to political backstabbing, it was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Who needs Netflix when you have Kenyan politics?

Act 2: The Social Media Meltdown

In a shocking plot twist, a person named Pauline Njoroge made headlines for her social media posts. The government threw her in the slammer faster than you can say “Twitterati.” But hey, forget the soaring cost of living – social media drama is what really matters, right?

Act 3: Loans and the Mystery of the Missing Accountability

Investigative journalist @John Allan Namu took the stage with his jaw-dropping video series, 

Africa Uncensored reveals the perplexing case of Kenya’s borrowed loans. But wait, where did accountability disappear to? It’s like watching a magic show, with loans vanishing into thin air!

Act 4: Identity Crisis: The Vanishing Kenyan Pride

As the nation debates self-rule, a mysterious case of disappearing national identity emerges. Kenyans start asking, “Who are we, really?” But fear not, our self-serving politicians are here to distract us with more plot twists and power plays.

Act 5: The Grand Finale – It’s Still Not Yet Uhuru!

With all the chaos and drama, one thing remains crystal clear – Kenya’s journey to true independence is a never-ending saga. The curtain may have risen on the grand stage of independence, but it seems like the script keeps changing, leaving us wondering when the closing credits will roll.

Conclusion: Lights, Camera, Kenya!

As we bask in the spotlight of our nation’s soap opera, let’s not forget the bigger picture. Behind the humor and satire lies a plea for unity, accountability, and genuine concern for the people. Our political leaders may be the stars of this show, but it’s time for a plot twist – one where they prioritize the nation’s well-being over their own interests.

So, dear Kenyans, let’s rewrite the script together. It’s not yet Uhuru, but with a dash of humor, a pinch of satire, and a lot of unity, we can turn this soap opera into a tale of triumph and true independence. Kenya, lights, camera, action – and song for now since cannot think beyond our daily bread:

It’s not yet Uhuru, we have a long way to go…

It’s not yet Uhuru!

Sdala B & Paige – Khanyisa (Video)

As I sign off, Enjoy the Lyrics of the song by a budding African artist

If you feel the pain 

And your soul is feeling down 

Kneel down and light the candle Hold on and do not cry 

You are the child of God 

Kneel down and light 

Light it light it light it 

light the candle x2

We will win 

We will win

Light the candle 

We will win 

We will win 

Light the candle 

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