Henry Kissinger is dead at 100—a feat for a man celebrated and reviled by many.

“The intellectuals, the idealists, and the men of high morals had no chance,” the letter said. The survivors he met “had learned that looking back meant sorrow, that sorrow was weakness, and weakness was synonymous with death.” Henry Kissinger wrote this after visiting the concentration camps when the Allied forces won the Second World war.

He has many accolades but for me, his book, The Age of AI: And Our Human Future, published in collaboration with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Daniel Huttenlocher, the inaugural dean of the Schwarzman College of Computing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has deeply shaped my thoughts and approaches to AI.

With 96 books and his advancing age, Henry Kissinger still had time to write one last one. We still have a lot to learn from you.

Rest in peace, Sir and Go well.


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