Exciting AI Innovations: Zeebra AI and Runway

Exciting AI Innovations: Zeebra AI and Runway

I woke up to a chilly and rainy Nairobi morning, looking forward to a productive day. Suddenly, Runway drops a bombshell,

They have added a motions brush on their application…..

The industry always finds ways to surprise us. If you’ve ever struggled with the complexities of using Plotagraph in Photoshop, check out the video for the game-changing solution offered by Runway.

Then Audiovisual production gets even better, Zeebra AI is open to the public! This geeky tool not only generates voiceovers for videos and captions but also translates audio into multiple languages with flawless lip-syncing. https://www.zeebra.ai/).

No more limitations on language choices for your videos! While African dialects are in the pipeline, it’s an excellent start.

The best part? Prices are dropping for many of these tools. It’s an exciting time to dive into the world of creative possibilities! #AIInnovation #CreativeTools #ZeebraAI #RunwayAI #ChatGPT #CanvaMagic #contentwriting #contentdevelopment #socialmediamanager

And the directory on AI tools is slowly coming up: https://bit.ly/3FZsNzc

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