One thing, that I have come into conclusion with, is the fact that the human mind was created to be limitless, we just don’t know the power it holds to change our lives.

As a nascent technology, we are sort of held in awe, or a fear of the unknown that has caused many to have irrational reactions to AI. 

Companies developing AI tools are well known and with military uses being a key driving factor, we then realize that uptake maybe slow for some products,

The statement by Christopher Glenn on one of the many AI groups on the different social media sites  has ignited words that could properly not express…’ The most amazing thing about AI is not what the apps can come up with but the amazing prompts human beings can come up with when there is no limit to their imagination”

Lets explore that statement: 

On Midjourney the approach has been prompts for image generation. The sort of free images generated are in the millions and no 2 are the same…(expression for many different variations)

Lets explore some of the amazing art by the artists:

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