The Runway AI Film Festival is back for its second year, celebrating the cutting edge of AI-powered storytelling!

Last year’s festival erupted with talent, showcasing groundbreaking films from both rising stars and industry veterans. This year, 10 finalists will take center stage at glitzy screenings in NYC and LA, competing for prizes reaching a cool $15,000!

Calling all filmmakers, regardless of experience! Runway wants to see your unique vision brought to life with the power of generative AI.

Last year’s winner worked around understanding AI:

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Film length: 1–10 minutes
  • Must utilize: Generative AI in any aspect (screenplay, animation, editing, etc.)
  • Submissions are open now!
  • Deadline: February 29th

Ready to join the AI filmmaking revolution? Submit your masterpiece today!

Head over to  link to submission page and let your creativity take flight!

The tools used by the team included Runway ML, ElevenLabs for voice, Epidemic Music for beds, stock images from Shutterstock, ChatGPT for scripting, and pure genius for the prompting.

The workflow in filmmaking and advertising has quickly evolved and the approaches using tools that support the work have now become better and better.

Have you tried out Figma for project management or Restream for livestreaming? We are yet to enter the world of artificial general intelligence, better known as AGI, but we are getting there. Let’s see what 2024 has to offer.

P.S. Don’t forget to spread the word! Share this call with your fellow filmmakers and let’s witness the future of cinema unfold!