From Pixels to Pitch:

From Pixels to Pitch

Remember 2022 December? We were all abuzz with ChatGPT, marveling at its potential to generate anything from witty poems to Shakespearean sonnets.Or ease of doing office work. While I was blown away by its ease of use, I couldn’t ignore the inaccuracies and tendency to spontaneously invent things (like talking giraffes, inventing new English words, or even crafting citations from non-existent sources?).Security concerns led Samsung to instruct its staff to stop using an AI platform due to the detection of sensitive code editing

Fast forward to December 2023, and the AI landscape has undergone a metamorphosis more dazzling than a fairytale butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Text-to-video platforms like Runway and Pika have bloomed, conjuring captivating visuals from mere words. But there’s another revolution brewing, one that often gets sidelined in the flashy headlines: **the rise of voice generation tools like
and Murf AI.

These aren’t your grandfather’s robotic voiceovers. These are tools crafting narratives so nuanced, so emotionally resonant, that you might forget they’re not human at all. Just see the work of the artist below, who used voiceover generation to weave a spellbinding story into their AI-powered artwork.

The video is fully generated in AI

It’s not quite Shakespeare yet, but the results are downright astounding. The smoothness, the inflection, the sheer humanity in those synthetic voices elevate these videos from mere visuals to potent storytelling experiences. And with platforms like, where I’m fortunate enough to be part of,voice generation is becoming increasingly accessible

What will be happening in December2024? Can we foretell?

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