Nigeria Launches First Multilingual Large Language Model( LLM) to Propel AI Leadership in Africa

Nigeria Steps Up in AI Development,

Through the Ministry of Dispatches, Innovation, and Digital Economy, the Nigerian government has initiated a groundbreaking move by launching Nigeria’s premier multilingual large language model( LLM). This vital step solidifies Nigeria’s commitment to seize a leadership part in the advancement of artificial intelligence( AI) across Africa.

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The  Launch.

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Communication, Bosun Tijani, proudly launched the LLM on Friday, April 19. This corner event surfaced following a four-day AI event held earlier in the week in Nigeria’s capital megacity, Abuja.

Its interesting that we in Kenya had a similar summit but we have little or no information on the progress made in our space.

Collaboration drives success.

Tijani emphasized that the deployment of this groundbreaking AI tool was made possible through a strategic collaboration with different players in the market.

Enhancing language representation for AI results.

 The LLM will experience comprehensive training in five low-resource languages and feature English,” stated Dr. Tijani, 

Unveiling Nigeria’s National AI Strategy.

Following the collaboration involving more than 120 AI experts, Nigeria proudly unveiled the original draft of its national AI strategy. This strategic design maps a course for remarkable advancements and collaborations  geared towards propelling the country’s AI development into new borders.

Collaborations to Drive Progress.

Among the notable moments of the launch was a strategic cooperation between 21st Century Technologies, Galaxy Backbone, and NCAIR Nigeria. This alliance aims to expedite the progress of vital artificial intelligence systems pivotal to Nigeria’s socio-profitable geography.

Empowering original capabilities through technological investments.

21st Century Technologies committed  to funding the accession of GPUs, a move poised to enhance public computing capacity. These GPUs will play a vital role in empowering original experimenters, startups, and government realities engaged in AI systemshoused at the GBB Data Center in the FCT.

Relaunching NCAIR for Enhanced Digital Innovation

During the event, Dr. Tijani also took part in the relaunch of NCAIR, which will now be devoted to promoting exploration and development in AI, robotics, UAVs, and the Internet of Things ( IoT). This action underscores Nigeria’s commitment to employing cutting-edge technologies for practical operations across crucial sectors.

Fostering cooperative Support for AI enterprise

Tijani revealed that Nigeria’s National AI Strategy has garnered substantial support, with $3.5 million in seed backing from recognized partners. Foreign and original collaborators, including UNDP, UNESCO, Meta, Google, Microsoft, Luminate, Lagos Business School, Data Science Nigeria, NITDA, and other agencies under the Federal Ministry of Dispatches, Innovation, and Digital Economy, have pledged their support. This includes $1.5 million in direct backing, with a fresh $2 million investment by 21st Century Technologies into the program.


Driving AI Advancements with cooperative Innovation Nigeria’s incursion into launching the first multilingual large language model( LLM) marks a significant stride towards cementing its position as a frontrunner in AI development within the African mainland. Through strategic collaborations, innovative enterprises, and robust investments, Nigeria is poised to lead the charge in shaping the unborn geography of artificial intelligence across Africa and beyond.

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