My children happily playing a board game together

The memories of my childhood come flooding back as I think about our family’s move from Kirinyaga County to Nyeri County. It was a time filled with anticipation and new beginnings. As the younger sibling, I often found myself tagging along with my older brothers and imagining that their friends were also mine. But when school started, I had to create my own circle of friends and navigate the social landscape on my own.

Embracing Nomadic Life and Building Bonds

Our journey didn’t stop there. We later moved to Laikipia County, where we embraced a shaggs lifestyle, herding cows and collecting milk from our neighbors. Those were the days when the simple joys of outdoor adventures filled my heart with excitement. We were all members of the local choir, and we harvested wheat, sold pigs, kept about 20 cats and distributed them to neighbors for free and picked them up later if we thought they were not well fed one thing that I learned was the ability to make lifelong bonds

The Taste of Home: Samosas and Treasured Connections

Back home, our house became synonymous with delicious samosas. Friends from all around would flock to savor the mouthwatering treats Mum ensured we learned to make and teach others how to do the same. It’s amusing to think that those who knew me then might wonder where my culinary skills have gone today. Life takes unexpected turns, and our paths diverge, but the memories of those cherished moments and the bonds forged with friends remain etched in our memories.

Reflecting on Digital Challenges as an African Parent

The Battle with Screens and the Risk of Losing a Generation

Now, as a parent myself, I can’t help but reflect on the interactions my children have with their digital gadgets. It’s a constant battle, especially when I need them to accompany me to events or meetings. As an African mom, I’ve perfected that stern face …. sura ya kazi….that commands attention and compliance from everyone around. But then again it’s an uphill battle.

Finding Solutions: Communication and Disconnecting from the Internet

But deep down, I empathize with the struggles that many parents face in this digital age. Our children’s addiction to screens is a pressing concern, and if we’re not careful, an entire generation may be lost to the digital industry. It weighs heavily on my mind.
To address this challenge, I’ve been exploring strategies that work for my family. Improved communication is key. I make a conscious effort to have open and honest conversations with my children about the effects of excessive screen time and the importance of balance. Engaging them in meaningful discussions helps them understand that there’s a world beyond the digital realm, waiting to be explored.

I’ve also considered the idea of temporarily disconnecting from the internet. There are times when I feel it’s necessary to not pay for the internet service, encouraging my kids to engage in alternative activities, nurture their creativity, and foster meaningful interactions with their surroundings. In these uncertain economic times, it’s a reasonable excuse that also helps us tighten our budget.

What are the signs

Zombie Mode

Have you witnessed the hypnotic effect of screens on our little ones? Their eyes glaze over as they binge-watch shows or mindlessly scroll through social media. It’s time to break the spell of this evil tech wizard!

Creativity Crisis

Spending excessive time on screens limits our children’s engagement in imaginative play and exploration of their artistic side. Let’s unlock their inner Picassos and Einsteins!

Outdoor Extinction

Remember the days when we embraced the joys of nature, playing outside until sunset? Nowadays, our kids believe “outdoors” is just another app on their devices. Let’s break free from this virtual prison!

Social Desert

Excessive screen time can turn our children into hermits, isolated within the confines of their digital worlds. We must rescue them from this deserted island and life

Guiding Our Children Towards a Balanced Digital Life

A Journey of Love, Patience, and Understanding

By setting limits on screen time, participating in offline activities together, and nurturing a culture of curiosity and exploration, I firmly believe we can guide our children toward a healthier relationship with technology. It’s a journey that requires love, patience, and understanding. As parents, we hold the power to ensure that our children’s lives are enriched by a wide range of experiences, both in the digital world and beyond. Together, we can create a brighter future for our little ones.
estore their social lives!

Escape Plan: Liberating Our Little Ones

Time for Tech Rations

As determined generals, let’s set limits on screen time and encourage our kids to explore other activities like sports, reading, or learning new skills. Finding balance is the key!

Monkey See, Monkey Do

We, as parents, need to lead by example. By putting down our own phones and engaging in quality family time, we can inspire our children to follow suit.

Screen-Free Oasis

Create sacred tech-free zones in our homes, such as bedrooms and meal times, where family interactions can flourish without the intrusion of screens.

African Adventures Await

Encourage our kids to embrace the real world around them. Plan outdoor adventures, visit museums, and parks, or explore vibrant markets. Let them experience the richness of African culture firsthand!

Jenga-ing the Junk

Monitor the content our kids consume, just like we inspect the ingredients of our favorite snacks. Ensure it is age-appropriate, educational, and not just a mindless jumble of junk.

Unplug and Connect

Designate regular “No Tech” hours for the whole family. Engage in lively conversations, storytelling, or traditional games that have been passed down through generations. Let’s rediscover the joy of face-to-face interaction!


I am not sure how you are dealing with the issues of tech, With simple strategies with love and humor, we can guide our children towards a healthier, balanced digital life. Let’s unleash their creativity, reignite their love for the outdoors, and rebuild the social bonds that make our communities thrive. Together, we can escape the tech trap and create a brighter future for our little ones. Onward, with our children!

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