As we raise our glasses to the fresh beginnings of 2024, let’s take a moment to reflect on the journey of 2023. In a world of overwhelming ambitions, I decided to embrace simplicity, setting just two resolutions that resonated in my mind:

  1. Intentional Living
  2. Writing

From Pen to Paper, Building Intentional Connections:

For individuals like me, whose natural inclination is towards contemplation, research, and the written word, the comfort of solitary thinking often outweighs the need for constant human interaction. In response, I made a conscious decision to strengthen my connections by being present for my loved ones. Simultaneously, I embarked on bringing to life a blog that had lingered in the recesses of my mind for over two decades.

This commitment to intentionality and writing was not merely a new year’s resolution; it was a deliberate effort to align my actions with the essence of who I am. It was about transcending the mere act of setting goals and resolutions and instead aiming for a harmonious integration of my aspirations with my authentic self.

So what were my resolutions for 2023?

  • Intentional Living: Deepening my relationships, honing my skills in service to God, and living with purpose.
  • Writing , more writing “The Blog Bonanza”: publishing one article per week, a whopping 53 for the year.

Did I conquer the mountains?

Evaluating 2023, did I achieve them?

  • The first resolution, Intentional Living: Being Personal, can only be truly judged by those around me. However, I actively sought growth through church trainings like Ombi and Connect classes, taking steps towards intentional service. The upside of it is that the Samosa and tea were amazing; this just needs an upgrade to Pilau once in a while.(The lessons and training will be etched in who I become going forward.)
  • As for the blog? I smashed that goal! With over 150 articles drafted, 56 published, and many more in the pipeline, I exceeded my target. This taught me a valuable lesson: sometimes less is more. Ditching the 10-point behemoth for manageable, focused goals proved fruitful. Simple writing showed me valuable lessons not learned in any classroom, especially about letting go of bad business relationships and building strong new ones. It made me realize the importance of a fresh start, aligned with God’s timing and purpose.

Lessons Learned, Paths Unearthed: Embracing 2024:

More importantly, I discovered the power of laser focus. Dedicating myself to writing honed my skills and opened doors to potential income streams. The internet may be rife with distractions and promises, but staying true to your course provides clarity and direction. As the sun sets in 2023, the lessons learned illuminate the path ahead. In 2024, three resolutions, again with a twist, await:

  • Generosity and discipline.
  • Multi-Media Maestro: from writing to setting up videos for both young and seasoned audiences.
  • Financial Freedom: Diversifying income streams, aiming for $10,000/month online and more from other ventures.

Let’s Ditch the Decrees and Embrace the Journey:

Remember, resolutions shouldn’t be daunting, especially those that are disposed of after the first week of January. Break them down into achievable steps aligned with your deepest desires. Seek guidance from your faith or inner compass; the answers often lie within. Let’s make 2024 a year of intentional living, focused growth, and shared success. Happy goals, everyone!

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